“It meant connecting to me. Connecting to "core" family, connecting to “local” family, connecting to earth family. It reinforced the circle of living (in the broadest sense).”
Shade Little, Center of the Universe project

photograph of Center of the Universe project, Kansas City Indian Center
Center of the Universe project, Kansas City Indian Center

“This program meant a lot to Remy and I. We were able to connect to our heritage on a level we did not expect.  We are truly sad it is over.”
-Angela Prater & Remy, Center of the Universe

"A fresh experience for both of us, we left very impressed by your ability to make us feel comfortable doing something completely new."
                  - Jessie McBreairty, CROSSROADS

Through the telling of stories we are freed and empowered. Maura's projects explore community narratives through a series of interviews, movement-response workshops and art making activities. The culmination of the investigative and creative process is a multi- media performance piece. At the beginning of the project, Maura presents an outline of a possible final product with loosely defined artistic components. Throughout the course of the project, she invites participants to change and adapt the framework to suit their needs and wants. People determine for themselves how they will be involved with the project. Participant input determines the artistic elements of the final creation and Maura orchestrates the rest to produce a cohesive product. Each project is different and site specific, reflecting individual and communal stories of identity, culture and place. They have the ability to unite and mobilize communities, as well as empower individuals. Projects can be carried out on different scales, with lengths varying from one week to one year. The complexity and scope of the final product is determined by the length. 
Past Projects