You Got the Touch

Monday, October 29 at 7:30pm

Curated by Tiff Bullard

Links Hall 
Chicago, IL 60657

Maura choreographed and performed “You Got the Touch” especially for the October 29th, 2012 Dances to Songs I Hate showcase in Chicago, IL. Curated by , the event challenged choreographers to create bold, innovative work from a place of dislike and repulsion:

"Time Out Chicago's Top Five Picks for Dance Fall Preview Dances To Songs I Hate returns to Links! 

The curatorial spark of DANCES TO SONGS I HATE arose from the aspect of challenge and its ability to open up new ways of looking at performance process - having inspiration come from something that repulses, rather than compels to make bold, innovative work. The process hopes to encourage the artist to pull from uncomfortable resources and face the possibility of failure.

This evening features the original work of dancers, movers, choreographers and performers who create a piece to a song that they just plain - hate. The program is comprised of solo and collaborative work by artists of all levels whose song choices will not be disclosed to the audience until the performance begins."

The Creation Process by Maura García 
I am always fascinated by other artists' creation process. So, I thought I'd share the process I used to make a dance to a song I hate :) Nuts and bolts!

How It Makes Me Feel – locate key words
1. An UGLY song
-disgusting WASTE of my time to listen to it
2. Like scene from DRUG movie where they THROW AWAY overdosed person as if he were WASTE
-UGLY to do and to treat human like bag of TRASH
3. Song reflects yuckiness of drug life
- He WASTED his life in the movie, it was THROWN AWAY on bad living and drugs
- It was a UGLY life he was living
4. Though love the movie, this song reflects the reality of HIGH LIFE and past
- I HATE it for this deep reason and want to SEPARATE from that
- SEPARATION between innocence of child and UGLY past

What these words mean to me
UGLY - mean, cruel, way of acting as well as looking, dirtiness
WASTE - of time and of life: redoing the same thing over, unnecessary repetition, spinning wheels, lack of fulfillment, stunted, half-done of things: using too much
THROW AWAY - throw pearls before swine
TRASH - bad utterances, bad thoughts, stuff that makes other things ugly or rotten
SEPARATE - segregated, balance, the part of the whole to avoid letting take over your life
HATE - self-loathing, burning, acid, not useful
HIGH LIFE – confusion, missing things, forgetting

Movement ideas from words
- technique not working put keep doing the same thing -interrupted movement and undeveloped movement -repetition of moves already successfully done -distance -balance -separation - convorted and convoluted - throw away - distress

Structure and movements from words
SAQUU 1. Things sink and slope here 2. Toppling posse with looking down and falling over with limp, akimbo-ish, stigmata arms 3. Erin jump: scoop down one leg front, erin side jump, erin side jump - really throw away whole body 4. Hanging: stamp foot arm, stamp foot-arm, suspended twirling hang 5. Fetal position

3 planting movements to site 2

TATLI 1. Wild, crazy awkward love shack 2/3. Beginning of little people 4. Ugly man walking with bugs crawling on him 5. First hands talking then EXAGERATE on black squares

3 washing oshun movements to site 3

TSOI 1/2. Go through trash pick things and toss stuff, find jewel and put it on 3. Fetal position 4. Plank postion, on knees, Hands talking, up 5. Erin jump: scoop down one leg front, erin side jump, erin side jump, THROW AWAY

3 MW movements to site 4

NVGI 1. Hands talking then exaggerate on black squares 2. Toppling possee with looking down and falling over with limp, akimbo-ish stigmata arms 3. Ugly man walking with bugs crawling on him 4. Things sink and slope here 5. Wild crazy love shack

3 Balance? movements to site 5

HISGI 1. Hanging 2/3. Plank position to awkward stumbling beginning of little people 4. Toppling posse 5. Erin side jumps THROW AWAY

Music stops I wander off one way bent over gangly male jock , then stop and hesitate, go other way

1. Puke green unitard or the like (can be shorts or knee length)
2. Balled up brown leaf trash bags taped all over to look like big terd
3. Pink ballet tights on lower half of body below knees

1. Bare, ugly, fluorescent, pure, revealing