Going To Water

"Going to Water" refers to the Cherokee tradition of the same name, journeying through the stages of preparation, immersion and rejuvenation.  One of the most rebellious and spiritually significant elements is water. It goes its' own way, makes its' own meandering path and eventually prevails over all other substances.  

Going to Water also references the idea of becoming like water and participating in the gentle, quotidian rebellion of being oneself despite surrounding obstacles.   The piece speaks to the continuance of cultural traditions and the maintenance of an a southeastern Native identity despite the policies of the US government. It tells of the freedom that comes from following the way of water.

  • Performer: 1 dancer
  • Length: 10 minutes
  • Venue: 50 - 500 seat theater
  • Audiences:  suitable for all ages  

Premiered 15 - 17 August 2013 at the Rhythmically Speaking festival, Southern Theater, Minneapolis, MN  USA 

Performer: Maura Garcia (non-enrolled Cherokee/Mattamuskeet)
Music: "Gymnopedies I" by Eric Satie for piano and played by Michael Silverman,"Gymnopedies I" composed by Eric Satie arranged by Claude Debussy and performed by the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra conducted by Dennis Russel Davis, "Reggae Got Soul" written and performed by Jimmy Cliff
Costume:  Maura Garcia
Performance recorded by Aleutian Calabay
Audience Reaction
The Dancer 
She danced with the splendor of an exotic butterfly.
Movements so deliberate in grace and in flight.
Chasing excitement with every expression on her face.
Her hands command the Earth to hold its breath.
Her body launches from the stag as the butterfly glides from one daffodil to another for its honey.
The music must go on, the rhythm must not stop.
This pleasure is ours alone.

by Josephine Acquirre
(Composed in response to a performance of Going to Water)

Going to Water was developed in 2013 while Maura was a fellow in the Jewish Community Center's Community Arts Fellowship program.  The theme of the fellowship was "rebelllion".  Maura was interested in exploring the ideas mentioned above as well as a technical rebellion against abstract dance and a return to rhythm-driven dance. 

Development & Production Supporters 
Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, Rhythmically Speaking Dance, InterUrban ArtHouse
Development & Performance History
15 - 17 AUGUST 2013
Rhythmically Speaking, Southern Theater, Minneapolis, MN

Tangled Roots: Voices, Visions & the Spirit of Rebellion, Jewish Community Campus, Overland Park, KS 

27 FEBRUARY 2014
Convergence: Currents of Contemporary Aboriginal Dance II , Talking Stick Festival, Roundhouse Theatre, Vancouver, BC CANADA

Dance in the Park, Roanoke Park, Kansas City, MO

25 JUNE 2016
Woodland Cultural Centre, Brantford, ON  CANADA

Photo credit to Mike Strong