Hey Google!

Hey Google! is an experimental dance performance done with a Google Home Mini smart speaker. One of the traditional roles that clowns or jesters play in Indigenous societies is to interrupt serious occasions and make fun of our rules. These misbehaving entities repeatedly disrupt protocol and ceremony to make room for foolishness and laughter. Like an Artificial Intelligence (AI) version of the clown, the irreverent Google Home Mini guides García through her exploration, challenging the seriousness of performance and making space for the good medicine of silliness.

Part participatory workshop, part performance, Hey Google! is designed for intimate groups of people.

  • Performers: solo + audience
  • Length performance-only option: 20 minutes
  • Length full immersive experience (includes an informal participatory workshop + solo dance performance): 75 minutes
  • Venues: intimate spaces, gallery settings, small theaters
  • Audiences: suitable for ages 13+
Artistic Director/Performer - Maura García (non-enrolled Cherokee/Mattamuskeet)
Costume - Mona Cliff (A'ananin)
Dramaturgy - Mark Gabriel Little, Mona Cliff, Karen Lisondra, Julia Soap (Prairie Band Potawatomi/Cherokee), Mark William García (Cherokee/Mattamuskeet), Ayo Beason (A’ananin/Osage), Mavcy^ka Beason (A’ananin/Osage), Washoshé  Beason (A’ananin/Osage)
Music - courtesy of the Google Home Mini, Mark Gabriel Little

Photo credit to Shade Little
Photo credit to Spencer Scholes
Photo credit to Spencer Scholes