The Little People

Photo credit to Mike Strong
A captivating journey through the world of the small spirit people. Based on traditional Cherokee stories and family narratives, the piece explores the many ways of being of little people. Their joyful, compassionate, mischievous, and revengeful natures: their shifts between worlds and crossings over. 

Alternately, the piece considers the value of traditional beliefs and the reclamation of a conscious Native identity.  All are vibrantly brought to life through dance, narration, Cherokee language, visual art and video: a multimedia treat.

Premiered 14 March 2009 at the ArtsCenter, Carrboro, NC  USA

Performer: Maura Garcia (non-enrolled Cherokee/Mattamuskeet)
Original Music Compositions: Mark Gabriel Little 
Other Music:  Ulali (
Costume: DeAnna Edwards
Painting & Video:  Soumitra Dasgupta
Lighting - Ray Robins
Video recorded by Lisa Marie Evans

"The Little People was a strong, stunning performance.”
- Tess OcaƱa, Concerts Director, ArtsCenter

Drawing by Maura Garcia
Photo credit to Mike Strong
Photo credit to Mike Strong